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Utter Crap

The one background layer was simply copy + pasted from the original Tankmen, the voices were lackluster, the humor was unoriginal and unfunny, and the lip-syncing was non-existant. So, yes this was pretty bad.

Also make the dick look like a dick. It looked like a sausage.

Dear god, that was amazing...

This was honestly, one of the best animations I have ever seen on NG.

As far as animation goes, It was incredible. The whole animation was ridiculously smooth and flowed extremely well. the voices matched the mouths perfectly, and the art was so well done, it seemed like a professional cartoon, as opposed to a flash animation.

It almost seemed like every detail was carefully animated to make this cartoon a work of art. Small details such as the backwards writing on the window, and the ducks on the lampshade really improved the already brilliant art. All the character motions were well designed and looked insanely real.

The script was actually really funny. Rarely do you get an animation that has both great artwork AND comedy. However, this aced both the art side and the humor side to create a masterpiece. The lines really seemed like something two brothers would say to each other, and the plot was totally relateable (I can't count the many times I've tried to get my friends off a video game, in order to do something else)

The voices were, to put it simply, amazing. Each one of the characters had their own distinct feel to their voice and the emotion made each line feel different and real.

I really enjoyed this animation and I hope to see more of your works in the future.

Overall: 10/10
Simply Perfect.


While I don't agree with all the people giving this bad reviews, I do agree it could use improvment.

Art: 6/10

Not too much of a fan of your art style, still, I respect your effort so as far as that goes, pretty good. Although, the characters were pretty grotesque looking, and some backgrounds would've helped.

Animation: 6/10

A few too many tweens if you ask me, but still looked alright. Try some Frame-By-Frame next time.

Voice Acting: 2/10

Sorry man, but all the voices sounded the same, but they were pretty clear and well recorded so 2/10.

Humor: 5/10

I get it, but it didn't really make me laugh, however... "MAKE BEN DO IT! NOOO!" was really funny.

Overall: 4/10, this flash really needed some music, and Sound effects, and some better backgrounds, but still pretty good!

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I absolutely loved this game. Going in, I figured that this would be some lame game trying to capitalize on the success of another viral phenomenon. What I got was surprising. I don't normally write reviews without any criticisms, but I genuinely can't think of one. It wasn't long, but it didn't have to be. The art and music really worked. I couldn't find a single bug or glitch. There was REAL humor and wit. The "Shit" command did inspire some laughter in me, seeing as I love the game "Don't Shit Your Pants!" I think this game truly deserves a higher score that what it already has. Well done sir.

By the by, was that a big orange dildo on Rebecca's dresser? Not trying to be foul; just wondering.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Pjorg that rascal...
EDIT: Pjorg doesn't think it is.

Damn Pedophile.

First off, I really enjoyed this game. I'm not sure what it is, but there's a certain charm that hooked me on playing right until the end. That said, the game is VERY simple in nature. Although it DOES suffer from repetitive gameplay, I didn't find this to be a crippling flaw. I was perfectly content with playing the same level 40 or 50 times, because seeing Bieber "backwards age" was utterly satisfying in and of itself.

The real thorn in this lion's paw is the audio. Just after hitting play it became apparent to me that your microphone is not up to snuff. The speech seemed muffled and suffered from background noise which made it hard to hear some parts of the dialogue. My recommendation: buy a better mic. I'm sure that you're a fine voice actor, but the rubbish audio is holding you back. I should also point out the lack of variety in sound clips. After a while I got tired of hearing "damn pedophile!" and "we love you Bieber!" I'm pretty sure the police only had two sound clips associated with them and when you die (or become incapacitated), there's only one phrase Bieber has to offer. Perhaps the introduction of more sound clips would have improved this. After all, for such a long game, you're going to hear a lot of the same thing.

I really liked the art style of this game, although I would have liked to have seen a bigger variety in characters or "props." Playing the same level 50 times isn't very exciting to the general population (I didn't mind it, but...) so maybe a change in setting every once in a while would improve the game's dynamics. Nothing HUGE is needed, just maybe place the rubbish bin or hydrant box in a new location. This could add both variety and a new challenge to the player as he/she attempts to navigate around more (or less) obstacles. I get that the concept called for a single park to be the setting for all these harassments but variety could have improved the game.

I should also note that, much to the contrary of other reviewers, I DIDN'T mind the ads. They don't seem as in your face as other reviewers claim. I respect the fact that you're trying to make some cash off your game, and so you should have that right. The ads didn't break the game for me. However, I didn't really find the "bonus videos" to be all that entertaining. Frankly, I didn't watch any of them the whole way through. Definitely something that could have been omitted. Also, it's a nitpicky thing, but the font selection was not fantastic. I would have went with a more bold font on the upgrades menu. It just makes things easier on the eyes.

Overall, I really liked this game. Don't look at all my criticisms and think that I hated this game, I actually loved it. It was fun and held my interest right up until the end. The fact that you can continue playing after you've become 16 again is kind of pointless, but hell, I still loved it. Good job mate! I'm looking forward to more from you guys!

Pretty Lame

First of all, I didn't finish this game, towards the end it just didn't seem to intrest me. The graphics were very basic, and I know it's a pixel game, but I thought the graphics were a bit below average. The music was good, although I would have preferred more than 1 song, and the control was smooth (If not a little jumpy at times).

However, the gameplay was VERY stale. I didn't like the fact that you couldn't walk while on the ground (But I can see how walking could eliminate some of the challenge of the game), but the lack of depth is what ruined the game for me. I must have played through 35+ levels and still didn't find anything too intresting. I think enemies that move around or, I don't know, puzzles that require timing would have really improved the game's fun factor. Also, the later puzzles were actually quite difficult to complete. I felt that the game could have benifited with a difficulty setting. Perhaps on the easy setting you could have a "Wing Integrity" bar, that allows a few bounces off walls before your wings break. That way less people would leave bad reviews claiming the game was too hard. My final gripe is that, on slower computers the game does lag quite a bit, but, oh well what can you do?

The concept I must say is very original, and I think you could have done alot more with the idea of pigs flying. The game was fun at times, but after a few levels, the repetive gameplay made me wish the next screen would be the last. Good luck on a sequel if you ever make one!

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Truly Epic

I love Castle Crashers, and this music really fits the theme of the game. Often times I'll leave the game's title screen on, just to hear this piece. A truly epic sounding selection and absolutely fitting for the game.

Yeah, It was pretty good

I did like this song, however the vocals were pretty bad... No offence or anything, just not to my liking. Still, I guess that's the best you can do in a bathroom...

Anyways, the beats were actually pretty good and I liked the whole feel of the song, plus I thought the begining was rather well done.

Good work!

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Yeahh it's just supposed to be for fun


This song has a great beat to it, and is an amazing example of how creative you can be with software instruments.

Good work!

Musical-Pants responds:



"Who wears short shorts" is redundant, because all shorts are short, otherwise the shorts would not have the title "Shorts" So, asking "Who wears short shorts" has no purpose because if everyone wears shorts, then those shorts are always short. Indeed.

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No thanks.

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